About Us

Ethical Health was conceived in an environment where we as health focused business people were constantly trying to weed out the truth from a variety of sources for our own use and so that our customers could make sensible and informed decisions based upon the 'truth' as presented. We don't guarantee to get everything right but we will always tell you what we consider to be best practice. If you don't need something, in our opinion, then we will say so.

My name is Paul Barton and I'm responsible for the Ethical Health site. I first became interested in nutritional science in 1998.

We are proud to offer the highest quality supplements.

If you wish to contact us then please call on 01793 337834 or email us via the contact page

If you have any questions please call on 01793 337834

We are based in Swindon but supply throughout Europe

The logo we use represents our philosophy towards health. Starting at the extreme left we use nutritional components, food, to make incremental improvements in our health and accept that as time goes on there will be setbacks but hopefully they are short lived and we continue our upward trend.